Earl Glase - Topeka KS

This could have gone bad in so many ways. I had sworn off Certified Transmission in Topeka after a bad experience 10 years ago. I had fluid in transmission changed at another trusted shop I use. A noise developed but not because of the fluid change... mud from being flung off the wheel had snapped a plastic piece on the 4X4 actuator. Kevin and his crew diagnosed the problem, kept me in the loop on possible fixes, did some more diagnosing and found it was a vacuum line as opposed to transfer case or wheel bearing or something else. It could have cost me thousands, literally. It did not. Kevin found the problem, gave me options to fix it, and repeatedly stated he DIDN'T want to sell me something that was not needed. I went from $2500 (transfer case) to $250 because of a simple fix. I trust Kevin with my vehicle because he did it right! Great shop and great employees! Thank you Kevin for doing things correctly. Quality work, quality people...restored my optimism.

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